Home iron products enterprise inside and outside repair marketing for value creation direction

2020-10-30 66

  Looking at the past marketing mode of home iron products enterprises in China, its positive effect seems to have been exaggerated for a long time, which will lead to enterprises paying too much attention to the marketing role and ignoring the importance of internal construction. Many people think that if there is no market, then the internal construction of the enterprise is just a waste of resources. But in fact, if the household iron products enterprises do not strengthen the construction of internal capacity, they can not establish the ability to create value. Then the consequence is: both internal and external become the link of production cost, and the huge assets eventually become a negative asset.

  1、 There are three types of common marketing methods:

  At present, there are no more than three kinds of enterprises when it comes to marketing.

  One is customer-centered marketing. This is a typical marketing method, and it is also the basis of all marketing methods. Its key is to study customer demand, excavate customer value, and satisfy customer demand on the basis of providing appropriate value for customer. Generally speaking, it is not only to make customers "full", but also to let them "eat well".

  Of course, this is also the marketing method of the industry leaders. Only by adopting this way can we find the right marketing direction.

  The second is product centered marketing. This kind of marketing method has a potential premise, that is, under the premise of clarifying customer demand and value, concentrate on the product, make the product to the extreme, let the customer love it, let the competitor fear. Adhere to this way of marketing home iron products enterprises, essentially belong to the market followers. Find out that customer demand and value are the business of the industry leaders, and their task is to do better than the industry leaders in some aspects. This kind of household iron products enterprises to the extreme, it may become a challenger.

  Once upon a time, compared with multinational companies, almost all Chinese household iron products enterprises took this road. There are two ways to go along this road: one is imitation or constructive imitation, but imitation is imitation, and no matter how constructive it is, it can not achieve transcendence; the other is imitation and substitution, in which imitation is the means and substitution is the purpose. The significant difference between them is that the former aims at imitation and even unreal, while the latter aims at transcendence.


  The third is competition centered marketing. This kind of marketing method can't seem to be on the table, but in marketing practice, it is an efficient choice. No matter the strategy or the policy, it aims at the competitors everywhere. It is generally the choice of small and medium-sized enterprises and small and micro enterprises.

  2、 Marketing is the "wind vane" of value creation

  In fact, although it is the basis of cognition, all of the above are general. After determining the basic marketing mode of the enterprise, all the enterprises need to consider other marketing methods.

  Product is the carrier of value. All the differences or differences of home iron products enterprises can be found from the products. Product differences or differences will be reflected through the target population. You can not only think that this is the result of the active market segmentation of household iron products enterprises, but also the result of customers' choice of products.

  In the comprehensive home furnishing market, in the household iron products market, in the online stores, it is not so much the household iron products enterprises that are marketing, but rather the customers who are choosing. Persuasive, on the surface, it is the brand, the price and the display, but in the final analysis, it is the product.

  In the marketing of household iron products, enterprises of household iron products must adhere to value creation. This is the reason for the survival of household iron products enterprises. Secondly, value must be materialized in products or services. After that, the value must be converted into money in batches. Therefore, the value creation has nothing to do with the marketing methods adopted by the enterprises of household iron sheet products. Or to put it another way, no matter what kind of marketing method household iron products enterprises take, household iron products enterprises must create value.

  There has been some dabbling in the stock market recently. Some professionals advocate "value investment", that is, to choose promising, potential and powerful household iron products enterprises to hold stocks for a long time. There is no doubt that this is the right investment philosophy. But there is also a premise, that is, must be in the "bottom copy" situation to hold stocks. Many listed companies are overvalued. Don't you want to lose money or be locked up if you hold this stock for a long time?

  This is also the current situation of China's household iron products enterprises. It can produce valuable products, but the accumulated value of household iron products enterprises is not large. The effective assets of household iron products enterprises must be able to "produce or create value". The function of marketing is to guide the direction of creating value for the assets of household iron products enterprises. It can not create value itself, but it can guide the direction of value creation and provide creativity.

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