Home gardening hardware e-commerce: quality is the original intention of the highest point

2020-10-30 57

  With the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce has affected all aspects of the economy, and online shopping has become a normal. But online shopping problems emerge in an endless stream, and in these problems, the lack of after-sales protection is the most worrying problem for consumers, followed by worry about the product and advertising in the wrong, quality problems. The same is true in the home gardening hardware industry.

  Online shopping habits are changing dramatically

  For a long time, we all think that consumers of online shopping are more sensitive and pay more attention to low prices. As a result, many home gardening hardware businesses that have access to the Internet all focus on low-cost mode, engage in low-cost promotion, and engage in price war without discipline and bottom line. For example, tmall's double-101, Jingdong 618, Suning Dianqing and so on are all playing with low-cost temptation. However, this survey tells us that consumers are changing, their sensitivity to online shopping price is decreasing, and their requirements for product quality, service experience and after-sales security are constantly improving. It can be seen that the network market which wins by quality, quality and standard management is coming. This change will leverage the entire home gardening hardware e-commerce market pattern, and a number of enterprises with brands and high-quality products are ushering in excellent transformation opportunities and growth opportunities.

  Low price is a false proposition

  When it comes to e-commerce and the Internet market, multiple choices and low prices have always been a label that cannot be torn off. It seems that home gardening hardware e-commerce companies can not escape this positioning. However, with the continuous improvement of consumption level, simple low-cost tactics have been unable to get the recognition of high-end consumers who pursue quality and taste. Especially when the problem of fake and shoddy products is more and more reported, the price has become a false proposition in the home gardening hardware e-commerce market. More consumers are more cautious and pay more attention to quality when making consumption choices In addition to the traditional and common strong brands, the purchase process will be completed by comprehensive comparison through multiple channels.


  Nowadays, the price is no longer the focus of consumers in the purchase of home gardening hardware. The reason is very simple, home gardening hardware products involve long-term use, safety, and even family health and safety products. It is different from the short-term use of FMCG and clothing products. Good home gardening hardware can ensure home safety, while inferior products may affect safety and even endanger the health of family members because of harmful substances. It is in this product attribute premise, the price will not become the key to choose and buy home gardening hardware products.

  Quality is the original intention of the highest point

  Consumers are not only concerned about the price, but also ask for a perfect shopping experience. For home gardening hardware e-commerce brands, when consumers begin to fully accept online shopping of large products, how to solve the constant price war? How to revive the lack of confidence of consumers due to excessive formaldehyde and rampant fake and shoddy market?

  Therefore, when promoting and selling products online, the home gardening hardware e-commerce should strictly control the quality, let the high-quality products go online, eliminate those inferior products in time, and form an alliance with other home gardening hardware e-commerce to protect consumers.

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