The influence of hardware accessories on furniture taste

2020-10-30 59

  According to the experts of Yitong international home furnishings, the quality and level of furniture are mainly reflected in the selection of hardware accessories. The inconvenient use of furniture, in a large extent, is due to the improper selection of furniture hardware accessories or short form. As the saying goes in the industry, "as long as there are corresponding hardware accessories, very complex multifunctional furniture can be made." Industry insiders said that the value of hardware accessories in furniture accounted for 5%, but the warmth of operation accounted for 85%. We can see the importance of hardware accessories in furniture. Household hardware can be divided into general and special categories according to the settings. The former includes hinge, hinge and slide rail, while the latter includes bathroom hardware and kitchen pendant. Among them, hinge, slide rail, hinge and lock are used frequently in life, so they are more important. In recent years, due to the continuous progress of consumer demand, hardware accessories put forward greater demand and higher request.


  Home hardware is more emphasis on its mechanical properties, rust, moisture resistance, fatigue performance of moving parts and other quality. In today's increasingly personalized and integrated home furnishing, home hardware should not only meet the above functions, but also have a bright decoration and integrity matching with the overall home decoration style. Take the more common handle, in addition to stainless steel salad, there are black, bronze, chrome, pearl nickel and transparent paint on the market at present. In terms of appearance, there are European style, Chinese style, conventional and special-shaped ones, which can meet the diversified needs of consumers.

  The experts of Yitong international home furnishing also mentioned that since the role of furniture hardware in furniture is no longer just the connection between decoration and local moving parts, its function is more and more strong, and the scope it touches is also more and more extensive, which has played a positive role in improving consumption efficiency, reducing capital, improving product quality, strengthening the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets and increasing efficiency 。 With the development and progress of industrial technology, furniture manufacturing from the previous manual workshop, to today's mechanized mass consumption. Hardware accessories for versatility, interchangeability, functionality, decoration has a higher request. The diversification of substrate, the change of structure and the increase of application function.

  Jiangmen Xiongjian